‘Not African Enough’ // A Quest to Shifting Aesthetics and the Narrative of African Fashion


‘’As Africans embrace the discomfort of a re-emerging self-esteem, new generations of Africans are taking back the ability to name, prioriti...

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Darnelle Thompson / music / 1 week ago

PsychoLution // Hip Hop and the Perfect College Semester Kit

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 9.26.05 AM

As noted in a discussion on the cultural value of Hip Hop on Oxford University’s ...

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Darnelle Thompson / music / 3 weeks ago

Furies // Three Witches and the ironies of connectedness

Furies - Tzara x Three Witches.mp4_snapshot_01.42.875

“We all worked together to create a mythical story within the imagined universe of ‘Furies’, inspired by the idea of ‘Thaumogenesis’:...

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Darnelle Thompson / music / 4 weeks ago

Dope Saint Jude // Chronicles of Resilience and Grrrl Power


The goal of feminism is to move toward gender equality and/or justice for people of all genders. To this end, feminism investigates and chal...

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Papa Gunch // Tokoloshe Consciousness and Pre-Colonial Fantasies


“I think the series serves to tell Africans that we’re fucked. But always fighting, always hopeful, because soon we’ll rise above.” - ...

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Darnelle Thompson / music / 1 month ago

Aj Cullinan // The Art of Blending Sound


“Layering multiple songs and loops in work towards creating something completely new and different from the original”, explains ...

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Darnelle Thompson / music / 2 months ago

MXMNT // A moment of melancholy


The ever-pivoting fluidity of modern life seems to have inspired an epidemic of isolation among young boys – lonely boys, if you will. At th...

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Darnelle Thompson / music / 2 months ago

Thabang Tabane // Creating a Modern Blueprint for Malombo


It is said that music is one of the earliest, most enduring forms of storytelling, shaping and creating powerful life changing experiences o...

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Darnelle Thompson / fashion / 2 months ago

Sunday’s Cool Dropouts – Piece of Land


The marriage between slogans and t-shirts definitely goes down as the greatest of all time- yes, G.O.A.T. A t-shirt can be seen as assertion...

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Dahlia Maubane: Woza sisi, woza nice!

©DahliaMaubane_From the series Woza Sisi.2018_022

Woza Sisi is an exhibition that explores the ways in which women hairstylists working in Joburg CBD and Maputo manoeuvring through ...

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Darnelle Thompson / music / 3 months ago

Discwoman South African Tour: Technofeminism, UMFANG + SHYBOI


Championing diversity in the electro music industry, the femme-focused Not Sorry Club ...

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