Oratile Mashazi / art&culture / 2 years ago

On The Intersection of Cultures: A Conversation With Chris Saunders

Ghost Diamond Manthe Ribane

Chris Saunders is a filmmaker and photographer based in Johannesburg, his latest project; Ghost Diamond, is a film inspired by and shot in t...

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Jamal Nxedlana / Features / 2 years ago

Agord Lean is An Artist Making Introspective Synthpop


[su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfORJtBFmcs" width="980" height="980"] Agord Lean is one of the most slept on artists in...

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Oratile Mashazi / Features / 2 years ago

The Multi-hyphenate Dancer-Model-Muse-Musician, Manthe Ribane, is Taking The World by Storm.


Manthe is a vision, even on Skype. I see the muse and the magician in her. She is animated and open, ready to share. Her lips and nails are ...

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Jamal Nxedlana / art&culture / 3 years ago

Breaking Culture

Breaking Culture PDF_02

One of the dominant aesthetics in Johannesburg culture is a focus on cultural-identity - and what does it mean to be African in this gritty ...

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Jamal Nxedlana / art&culture / 3 years ago

UMSWENKO: Johannesburg’s Post Sub-cultural movement

boyzn bucks

The earliest existing use of the hashtag UMSWENKO can be found on a May. 31, 2012 photo posted by @1phiko (Phiko Mditshwa) a member of and d...

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