Bob Perfect / music / 1 day ago

Cordovan Ghostal takes things one track at a time

Cordovan Ghostal images

One of the eternal struggles of being an online music connoisseur is when you find a dope artists who you know has a trove of sick tracks on...

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Bob Perfect / music / 2 days ago

Move with Batuk’s Latest Single


By its title, Batuk’s latest single should give you a fair idea of what you’re in for. No, the...

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Bob Perfect / music / 1 month ago

Robin Thirdfloor is More Than a Musician


I first came across Robin Thirdfloor in 2016 when I was...

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Bob Perfect / Features / 1 month ago

Nonku Phiri Doesn’t Have To Try Be Anything

Nonku Bubblegum Club Cover lw

I assume everyone reading this website knows who Nonku Phir...

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Bob Perfect / music / 2 months ago

Fortune Shumba and Dubokaj Collab on an Emotional Dub Release


I know pretty much fuck all about Reggae and Dub other than the UB40 tapes my mom would play in her Uno Fire...

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Bob Perfect / music / 3 months ago

Esa Brings The World To Churn

Photo shoot with Dj and Producer Esa Williams, London, 04.04.2017

It’s been 13 years since Esa Williams last lived in South Africa. In t...

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Bob Perfect / music / 3 months ago

SoKool is why Durban Remains so Cool


When it comes to finding new hip-hop in Durban (and SA), ...

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Bob Perfect / music / 4 months ago

Gyre’s Queernomics is Unbridled Self-Expression


It seems like 2017 has been the year many queer artists have found their voice, and audiences, through their art. ...

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Bob Perfect / music / 5 months ago

Banana Brains Goes Loopy with Home Boy


I’ve got a weird thing for cats who release experimental shit. I mean, you know not everyone is gonna dig what you do, but that’s kinda the ...

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Bob Perfect / music / 5 months ago

Nobody Told Life Below That South African Hardcore is Dead


South African hardcore is pretty fucking dead. There are a few bands, a few shows, and a few people keeping the genre, in some variation or ...

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Bob Perfect / music / 5 months ago

Don’t Sleep on Sleepwalker Records

Sleepwalker records

I know premium streaming services like Deezer, Apple Music and Spotify are fast becoming the way many music fans with a decent internet conn...

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Bob Perfect / music / 6 months ago

palmdrive’s A A // B B // E P is the soundtrack to the dystopian retrofuture


There are a few things we know about the enigmatic palmdrive aka deadprocession aka ujochi ak...

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