Bob Perfect, Author at Bubblegum Club

Bob Perfect

Bio’s are weird. Like, I know that you know that I wrote this. So if I come at you with some, “Bob Perfect is a…”, you’re going to think, “Bob Perfect is a doos for refering to himself in the third person. Who does he think he is? The Rock?” I was always more of a Stone Cold kinda guy tbh. Anyway, hi, I’m Bob Perfect. I do quite a few things, but the thing I do for Bubblegum Club is write about musicians and their music. I watched Almost Famous as a kid and took all the wrong lessons from it, so here we are. I love finding artists most people have never heard and shining a light on them. We’re living in a time where there is just so much dope shit being made and I hate that a lot of it goes unnoticed, so my role here is to try change that. Other than that? I’m a DJ on The Real Drive on DYR1051, I’m a stand-up comedian, I have 2 podcasts, The Almost Perfect Podcast and Live from The Winston, and I organise gigs through my company, Heat City Nights.