Applied Ballardianism: Memoirs from a Parallel Universe by Simon Sellars


In 2009, a news item in the Hollywood Reporter announced that a film adaptation of the late British writer’s J.G. Ballard’s Running Wild...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 1 month ago

Deadly Bites Sink Their Teeth In


When I hear the name Deadly Bites, I imagine a lurid, D-grade exploitation movie from the 197...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 2 months ago

“Die Lit” – SoundCloud Rap and Boring Nihilism


Man, every year, everybody's like: "Yeah, these kids out here, they're a new breed. I ain't never seen nothing like this before. This the en...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 2 months ago

The Temple- Building Musical Monuments

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 11.25.32 AM

When I first opened the link to The Temple’s new EP Lusaka, I was blown away by t...

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From Cybergothic to Acid Communism- ‘K-Punk’ by Mark Fisher


Mark Fisher, the British writer and theorist who tragically passed away last year, was probably our greatest diagnostician of this boring dy...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 3 months ago

Jan Wagner explores the classical and the electronic


Contemporary German music has gained an international reputation for experimentation and elegant precision. In the 1970s, Krautrock artists ...

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Petite Noir- Black House Rising


“With this album, I’m saying ‘welcome to my house’". On call from London, Congolese born, SA raised Yannick Ilunga is describing the meaning...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 3 months ago

Lanii Clouds – Death Beats


“My music is death music. My beats have this dark, heavy atmosphere, but I don’t think that darkness is a negative thing”. Sipping a juic...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 3 months ago

Elheist – Stating the Fact


South London singer and rapper Elheist is on a mission. Specifically, she says she is “current...

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Hitting Fast Forward in Maputo

MFF18 anuncio M&E

Like South Africa, Mozambique has a buzzing independent cultural scene. And as with SA, a legacy of geographical and historical isolation hi...

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We are Data Mines 2.0


We live in a society of images, mediated through black screens. To be alive in 2018 is to be subjected to a barrage of visuals on computers,...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 4 months ago

KRAS – The Dark Sea

Screen Shot 2018-09-19 at 1.31.21 PM

The title of the KRAS video ‘...

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