Gqom Oh! strikes again with The Originators EP

GQOM008 Front digital release

It’s been two years since the Gqom Oh! label released the compilation ...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 3 weeks ago

OneBeat – Heard Around the World


South African musicians are enjoying more hard-earned international exposure than ever. After getting an email from Drake's camp, ...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 1 month ago

Felix Laband – Second Unit Archive


These days, suddenly losing access to a computer is a huge impediment. Priceless work and memories disappear. It’s even worse when your devi...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 2 months ago

Umlilo and Whyt Lyon – Glory Bois


One of the most visually opulent artists working today, Umlilo has been winning ears and...

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The Big Hole Counter Narrative Project

The big hole

The official webpage of the Big Hole "experience" in Kimberley offers the story of the diamond rush from the winner's perspective “the visit...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 4 months ago

Angel-Ho: The Devil’s Hour


What does punk means in 2017? Is it just a style of music and clothes, buzzsaw guitars and leather jackets? An ossified museum piece, rather...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 5 months ago

Meet Me In The Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll In New York City 2001-2011


Ever since age 12, when I nicked a copy of Come As You Are: The Story of Nirvana, I’ve been a gluttonous consumer of rock and roll ...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 5 months ago

Mana – Creatures of The Night

mana creature

Seeing the Hyperdub logo on a new release is a sure fire guarantee of headphone ecstasy. Since...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 7 months ago

KOKOKO! – Surviving the Future


The Kinshasa based collective KOKOKO! have been gaining international exposure, with even Tim...

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Francois Knoetze – Escaping the Frontier

Virtual Frontiers

The immersive technology of virtual reality has world shaking implications. Something as small as a VR headset can destabilize the core cate...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 9 months ago

“Death has reared himself a throne”- Chino Amobi’s PARADISO

Digital (1500)

Capitalist modernity needs hells for the many to build heavens for the few. The great palaces and mansions of Europe and America were built ...

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Christopher McMichael / music / 10 months ago

FARAI- Warrior Sounds

052_13_HR 001

The post-punk of the late '70's and early 80's fused dystopian politics with danceable music. Artists like Talking Heads, Wire, Joy Division...

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