Marcia Elizabeth / Photography / 11 months ago

 Anaka– The Healing Energies of Creative Expression

anaka 2

Anaka is a creative with a magnetic portfolio and project repertoire to her name. The visual impression of her work is one of sublime distin...

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Marcia Elizabeth / Photography / 11 months ago

‘My Brother’s Keeper’ – Reproducing Older Forms of Image Creation in a Digital World

newman vhs 1

From the city of Gaborone comes a new photographic body of work by Botswanan artist Giancarlo LaGuerta. With no formal arts education, he de...

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Marcia Elizabeth / Photography / 12 months ago

Rencontres Africaines de la Photographie // The work of African artists take centre stage


Established in Mali in 1994, Rencontres Africaines de la Photographie or Bamako Encounters is the first international festival of its kind d...

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Gemma Shepherd – A Daring Fashion Lens Evoking A Sense Of Familiarity


Gemma Shepherd describes herself as a twenty something year old photographer and creative from Cape Town. She is a graduate from UCT with a ...

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The Diverse Girl Culture Author // Ronan McKenzie

Ronan 1

Ronan McKenzie is a young photographer based in London. Her time at university lasted only a few weeks after which she fell into styling and...

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Nigerian Identity. Beautiful. Effortless. Powerful.


Ruth Ginika Ossai grew up in Eastern Nigeria and is currently based in West Yorkshire. She takes on the identity of a photographer and an Ig...

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Camila Falquez – Embracing Movement, Embracing Flesh


Former ballet dancer Camila Falquez was drawn to the creation of photographic narratives as its nature can sometimes be seen as a sort of in...

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Adrienne Raquel // Self portraiture in pastels and tropical motifs


Adrienne Raquel is a photographer and art director based in New York. Drawing her inspiration from Summer, femininity and tropical motifs, h...

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Namsa Leuba and the representation of Guinean Identity


Namsa Leuba was born in Switzerland in 1982 and studied photography at the university of Art and Design Lausanne where she also obtained a M...

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Christa Dee / Photography / 1 year ago

Sophia Nahli Allison – verbalizing silenced narratives through film and photography


Sophia Nahli Allison is an experimental documentary filmmaker and media arts educator. History is highly contested, both as an academic subj...

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‘Bigger, Rounder, Blacker’ // Body Positivity with Rochelle Brock


Rochelle Brock is a young photographer of colour from Brooklyn, New York. With her brand Fat Leopard Photography she has been revolutionizin...

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‘Aquarium’ by Camilla Ferrari


Camilla Ferrari was born in 1992 and took her first photograph when she was 14 years old. Camilla did not study photography. She instead maj...

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