Gemma Hart / fashion / 4 days ago

IKsasa Lami by Siyababa Mtshali // Conscious Design and Time-travelling Narratives

Siyababa 006

The technological time-traveler, appears brazenly in this dimension. Donned in silver chains and tassels. The imposing presence is revealed ...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 1 week ago

Kiluanji Kia Henda’s In the Days of a Dark Safari // Disrupting Colonial Narratives and the Nature of Necropolitics


Cloaked in swathes of cloth. Drenched in darkness. Morphous forms are interrupted only by protruding horns that peer from beneath the surfac...

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Gemma Hart / fashion / 2 weeks ago

Proponents of Collaboration // Swift Thrift & Chaf Kozy

Jozi kids 52

“Collaborating is especially important for the youth trying to build a name for themselves through their work. You can’t just always be wait...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 1 month ago

FNB JHB Art Fair // the Culture of Capitalism and Complexities of Autonomy

FORTIA 1 joburg art fair feature bubblegum club

Clinks of champagne glasses and soft murmurs reverberated around the lofty sky-matrix of steel beams and prefabricated walls. The tenth annu...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 2 months ago

Turbine Art Fair 2017 // The Red Edifice of Cultural Display


An iconic red roof rests on brick and mortar in the midst of the bustling city. A mammoth giant. The glass and steel structure extends into ...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 3 months ago

Marcia Elizabeth // Capturing Moments of Collective Memory and ’90s Nostalgia

DSC_0476 1

A saturated mustard yellow surface glistens, punctuated by gleaming circles of a similar shade. A jar brimming with nostalgic gelatinous for...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 4 months ago

Jéad Stehr // FUTURE 76


Born at the turn of the century, eighteen year old chocolate-ice-cream-eating and mom to seven cats, ...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 4 months ago

AUTONOMY WAVE: Future 76 // Meeting the Artists


The exhibition Future 76 under ...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 4 months ago

Lightfarm // Creating a Culture of Collaboration in the Print Studio

Zanele Muholi

Autumnal light cascades through the intersecting branches of a small avenue of plane trees. The occasional hoot peppers the ambient buzzing ...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 4 months ago

AUTONOMY WAVE: a new platform for production and presentation of work by emerging artists

Autonomy Wave bubblegum club

The month of June memorialises a historical moment. A fracture. Immortalised in the national narrative.  A crucial rupture of resistance.  J...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 4 months ago

Euridice Kala AKA Zaituna Kala // Sea (E)Scapes from the Shores of Slavery

Video Still _Sea (E)scapes_, 2016, Courtesy of the Artist

The freedom of all is essential to my freedom -Mikhail Bakunin The tide of migration; sweeping through coastlines. A personal...

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Gemma Hart / art&culture / 5 months ago

NTU: UBULAWU // Collaborative Transcontinental Healing Practices in East London’s Auto Italia


Mounds of earth erupt from a soft slate coloured screed floor. Soil cocoons containing rectangular white boxes pepper the project space. Inf...

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