Marcia Elizabeth / art&culture / 23 hours ago

In Bloom // Not just another white cube exhibition


In Bloom is Ja.'s first exhibition held at the KZNSA Gallery. The exhibition features 11 South A...

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Mysticism as a practice of contemporary femme artists


As was noted in a podcast by Artsy titled ‘Why Artists are...

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Archillect // The AI curating images appealing to humanoids

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 9.50.56 PM

Archillect [archive + intellect] is an artificial intelligence created by Murat Pak and first became vis...

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Thrift stores and political influence


I was always one for the latest Zara or Topshop range, buying selected items from Pringle that I thought were special. That was until I beca...

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Alt Reality // Where art and tech meet


Alt Reality is a technology studio focused primarily on Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The st...

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Marcia Elizabeth / fashion / 4 weeks ago

OH OK debut lookbook // an orange filtered video of your 90s teen dreams


A happy go lucky sound track. The colour orange. City scapes. Pretty youths hanging out. It’s a dream sequence isn’t it? No – it’s the debut...

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Kampire Bahana // ColabNowNow Storyteller


Kampire Bahana is a DJ, writer, art organizer and storyteller from Uganda, and part of the ...

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Fak’ugesi Conference Podcast with Benoît Hické


The Fak'ugesi Conference titled The Future of Creative Innovation & Technology is happening today, the 14th of September. We had a conve...

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Mukhtara Yusuf // ColabNowNow Storyteller


Mukhtara Yusuf is a Yoruba Muslim visual artist, designer, storyteller and cultural activist fro...

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A MAZE. // Gaming and Playful Media Festival


For its 6th year A MAZE. is welcoming African and international game developers...

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Sabelo Mlangeni // capturing the confidence and intimacy of LGBTQ communities in South Africa

Sabelo Mlangeni is a South African photographer who grew up in Mpumalanga. After having lived in Johannesburg for a number of years he retur...

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