Gemma Hart / music / 1 year ago

Ghost Diamond – the Liminal Loop of Johannesburg

Ghost Diamond Manthe Ribane

Digital snow dissipates into industrial plumes of smoke foregrounded by a hazy sun-kissed grassland. Mounds of barren gold-dust emerge from ...

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Frank Ocean- Endless Nights

Frank Ocean Blonde Alt ARTWORK_1

When I heard Frank Ocean’s Nostalgia Ultra for the first time in 2011, his captivating voice and dissolute lyrics were great enough.  But wh...

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Healer Oran- Serving The Afro-Noise Medicine

healer oran

Since 2014, Healer Oran has been creating a library of ‘afro-noise’ releases. Healer hails from the Eastern Cape, but has more recently been...

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Sehrrge- No Permission Needed

digital ballot 2016

‘Fuck your tuition …. Ready to take it without your permission’ goes the arresting chorus of Sehrrge’s No Permission. Aka Dumisane Maseko fr...

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Beth Vale / music / 1 year ago

That Dusty Love: stories from the Unsea


I’ve cried over Milo milkshake at a Northam strip mall; coughed up ten rounds of mud-dust; dug the dirt from my nails; slept for fifteen hou...

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Suup Zulu- Living In The Future Past


Sibusiso Tshona, aka Suup Zulu, is a young rapper and producer from the township of Alexandra. Over the last year, he has been steadily winn...

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Ghost Writer / music / 1 year ago

Tune-in to Kwelagobe ‘Kwela’ Sekele’s powerful new frequency; Yeoville Radio

Photo by Sanza Nile River©_1

Vocalist, song writer and producer Kwelagobe ‘Kwela’ Sekele has been shaking up the South African music scene for over a decade. As visionar...

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Big Hate Permanent Vacation in Hell Mixtape vol 1 – Seasons in the Abyss

Big Hate CT

The frustrations and brutalities of urban life have often lead artists and musicians to depict cities as Hell. For Percy Shelly, smoky Londo...

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Beth Vale / music / 1 year ago

The Kool Out Phenomenon: how rooftops and hip hop can ‘put you in your place’

koolout 1

We use the word ‘place’ to mean many things. Most obviously, place is location — a space in the world. It may also be a ‘place’ in the socia...

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The Good Dokta Outer Space Type Music

dokta spizee amaze festival

Earlier this year NASA released declassified files debunking a conspiracy theory which had grown up around the 1969 Apollo 10 mission. Accor...

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Mma Tseleng- The Kwaito Monument

Mma Tseleng cover

In the 1990s, South Africa experienced the subcultural supernova of Kwaito. Fuelled by post-1994 optimism, and inspired by international hip...

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Mushroom Hour Half Hour website – Seeds Underground

New Power New Power Cover Art _1

Johannesburg has a dark past of violence and exploitation, and even to this day is often presented as an urban dystopia. But the flip side o...

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