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Christa Dee / art&culture / 1 day ago

Street art in Egypt with Aya Tarek


"I used to say I'm not political, but I realised that everything you do is political. Walking down the street is political," she says. "So, ...

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‘Bigger, Rounder, Blacker’ // Body Positivity with Rochelle Brock


Rochelle Brock is a young photographer of colour from Brooklyn, New York. With her brand Fat Leopard Photography she has been revolutionizin...

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The #MeToo image going viral


The trending #metoo that is flooding social media has led to the creation of a haunting image by Brooklyn based graphic designer and artist,...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 2 days ago

Jenevieve Aken’s photographic series Great Expectations


Nigerian photographer Jenevieve Aken focuses on documentary photography, self-portraits portraits and cultural issues. Her work was selected...

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‘Aquarium’ by Camilla Ferrari


Camilla Ferrari was born in 1992 and took her first photograph when she was 14 years old. Camilla did not study photography. She instead maj...

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A comprehensive look at South African femme artists practicing Surrealism and Expressionism


So what is Surrealism and what is Expressionism in art? Surrealism was defined by André Bretonin the Surrealist manifesto of 1924 as “Pure p...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 4 days ago

Stacey Gillian Abe // using glass as a medium for dialogue about the oppression of women


Ugandan artist Stacey Gillian Abe uses glass as her primary medium to construct sculptures that reflect on the objectification of women in U...

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Christa Dee / art&culture / 4 days ago

RECLAIMED by Mziyanda Malgas and Daniel Walton


In an email conversation with creatives Mziyanda Malgas and Daniel Walton, they explained to me that Cape Town is often viewed from the outs...

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In Bloom // Not just another white cube exhibition


In Bloom is Ja.'s first exhibition held at the KZNSA Gallery. The exhibition features 11 South African artists but what differentiates it fr...

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Hazel Kimani / art&culture / 5 days ago

Keyezua – articulating discomfort to liberate the new generation of African women


Keyezua is a woman before she is an artist. A woman with womanly experiences in this manly world. An uncomfortable woman who finds solace th...

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