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CUFFEDBOYZCLUB Studios celebrate brotherhood with new underwear collection

The brand, CUFFEDBOYZCLUB Studios is the brainchild of the Tokwe brothers Luvolwethu and Abulele which was founded back in 2018. The streetwear brand has returned for yet another season and seeks to further cement itself into consumers’ hearts with the brand’s easygoing Essential Men’s Underwear Collection. First sighted back in 2018, the brand introduced itself to consumers in a range of colour assorted Camouflage tie-dyed hoodies, emblazoned with a bold black lettering that read “CUFFEDBOYZCLUB 2018”. The offering geared up consumers for the chilly season ahead with cozy hoodies. While last year saw the “CUFFEDBOYZCLUB x RIYAADH ISMAIL CORDUROY COLLECTION” come alive, the collaborative project was made available in a multicolour corduroy two-piece combo presentation. This limited edition collection was produced in a quantity of 25 pairs that were characterised by a square multi patch pocket finish and ready-to-wear for all occasions. The collection included jackets, shorts, skirts and bucket hats all cut-made-and-trimmed in a corduroy patchwork fashion of pastel blue and white. CUFFEDBOYZCLUB tailored-made each order to their consumers specification thus prioritising individuality in each combo that was made-to-measure.

As CUFFEDBOYZCLUB takes on a more functional and simplified approach this season, the Essential Men’s Underwear Collection puts together an array of necessity-based pieces. The collection seeks to expand the brand’s range and accessory line by producing tees, “wave” caps and briefs. The brand finds its way back to its signature “CUFFEDBOYZCLUB™️” signage, with a relaxed range that lenses the graphic throughout the entire collection. Under the joint creative direction of the duo, Luvolwethu Tokwe and Riyaadh Ismail. Opting to produce the garments in a 100% cotton—mainly for comfort and the fabrics’ absorbent ability—CUFFEDBOYZCLUB experiments with the material enabled the exploration of the fabric’s soft and comfy nature with a range of modern, simple, yet, elevated essential staples for men at an affordable price. The Essential Men’s Underwear Collection offers a break from the previous season’s strong and tough-to-work-with material such as Corduroy:

It was essential that the under garments were made from 100% cotton. To ensure the necessary comfort, absorbent capability, and easily laundered function. We also ensured that the pouch was as comfortable as possible, and elastic was as durable and effective as possible. We then decided to add the plain tees and wave caps to the collection, just to cater to a wider audience, as well as [to] expand our growth in garments.

The Essential Men’s Underwear Collection offers staple pieces in a tonal black colour way to add to your wardrobe, while effortlessly meeting the basic needs of consumers looking for something minimal and affordable. The lookbook sights familiar faces from last season, while also roping in a couple of new faces; Uncle Vinny, Khusto Ramorei, Young Stilo, Siphe Ngcebestsha and Creative directors Riyaadh Ismail and Luvolwethu Tokwe all grace the presentation adorned in sleek black pieces from the collection. The models assume squad poses at various locations dripped in the seasonal CUFFEDBOYZCLUB offerings. Each shot is styled in a simple and clean fashion delivering a detailed presentation while maintaining a minimalistic aesthetic. The collection features the infamous signage injected primarily in white lettering on each garment. The pieces are characterised by the classic bold white lettering defined on the assortments from the wave caps to the t-shirts and the briefs. The collection delivers everyday wear whilst producing heat for consumers looking for a regular black tee or designer underwear for daily use. Either way, these essential garments are produced from a point of departure that highly reconsiders both cut and fit – and are ready for true CUFFEDBOYZCLUB Studios members and new recruits alike.


Designers: Luvolwethu Tokwe and Riyaad Hismail

Photography: Clive Lionel and Sihle Ngcebetsha

Models: Kabelo, Khutso Ramorei, Luvol Wethuz, Riyaad Hismail, Clive Lionel and Sihle Ngcebetsha

Artwork: Reef Sithole 

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