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madamfo’s sartorial offering | Ghanaian fashion

“madamfo (Mah-dahm-fo) means ‘my friend’ in Twi, an Akan dialect spoken in Ghana, West Africa. At madamfo, the hope is that this brand will become your go-to friend, with the right amount of sass and simplicity to cater for all occasions.”


Creative director Elle Darko has defied all urges to “play it safe” during the pandemic — instead, opting to launch a labour of true love in alignment with her dedication to being a part of a responsible fashion industry. Madamfo is a sartorial expression of vivid hues draped in interesting cuts to express the multiplicity of the femme form. The brand focuses on silks, viscose and linens; merging a sensibilities of natural and synthetic fibres. In doing this, madamfo has emerged as an accessible space that is mindful of all multiple viewpoints around fabric. The pieces are transitory — able to be worn and styled for any occasion — with this functionality further establishing madamfo as a brand that is considerate with items of clothing that would be a meaningful addition to one’s archive.  

Elle references her Ghanaian British heritage, as well as her life in South Africa, by drawing on the richness of the diasporic vision for fashion and its ability to inform the global market — particularly the movement towards sustainability. Madamfo is an expression of creative and cultural nuances to the world, with a sense of fluidity and infinite possibilities; confirming that sustainable thinking, ethical drive and consideration are not mutually exclusive with building on a vision of luxury and regality. 

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