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There is such beauty in the mystery of the unknown; the infinite possibilities laid to be imagined and captured for creation in the world. This is the philosophy of fashion as art—or of art as design. It is the reflective dance with material form, that makes for the most interesting pieces. Israel | Moroccan designer Artsi of Maison ARTC is formally untrained (having attended neither school nor college in design) yet, possesses a sartorial eye many creatives dream of embodying. His work is fantasy merged with realism—exaggerated, yet totally relatable and is underpinned by what one could name “a common virtue that most designers endeavour towards”, that of turning one’s own world into a fantasy tale. Maison ARTC prides itself on visionary anecdotes such as sustainability, planetary custodianship, social activism and the awakening of a harmonious future, while ensuring their clients engage with these sentiments while looking and feeling utterly fabulous. Artsi’s pieces are each uniquely crafted with fabrics, stacks of old metal and sometimes typified by corporate symbolism – as effective artistic commentary on the state of the world’s capitalist delusions. It is powerful, mesmerising and captivating performance art-meets-haute couture.

Maison ARTC challenges the systemic control of the traditional fashion system. One such quote that illustrates this featured on their Instagram page reads:

“In the fashion world, you need a famous location, you need a famous model, you need a celebrity to make a dress famous. Famous doesn’t work for me! A good dress, Always.”

Artsi is a master constructionist and purveyor of incredible fabrics; creating pieces with unusual, daring motifs and structures. The ability to transform dead-stock fabrics, curtains and cloths is truly a unique process. It takes visual dynamism to fit pieces together like a jigsaw and create something new from the old; to breathe new life and being into the discarded. It is this kind of sensibility that speaks of a deeper and more organic commitment to the design discipline. This label is not for the fame hungry, the shallow nor is it for the sheep. It is for the womxn and men who dare to dream with their whole hearts of a better future – and know that the pursuit of creation, not perfection, is be the key. Not least are the visual representation of Maison ARTC intriguing but so is the message with which the label curates a vision of a new world. Through their vocal and artistic advocacy of Black Lives Matter, of diversity and cultural inclusivity and of putting Marrakesh and Morocco firmly on the global map as a voice of the future.

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