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Viviers Studio Unveils “Re-Trace, Re-Memory, Re-Set, Re-Culture” 

Viviers Studio‘s showcase during Milan Fashion Week garnered widespread attention from prominent global publications and significant recognition on television programs such as The Insider SA and Afrimaxx, significantly enhancing the brand’s prominence. In February 2023, Lezanne Viviers had a successful debut at Milan Fashion Week with her collection titled, KARROO Land of Thirst, with the mentorship of Massimiliano Giornetti and instructors from Polimoda.

Furthermore, there were commercial developments, including the launch of a wholesale commercial offering in Milan in September 2023, featuring items made from South Africa’s natural fibres, such as wool, mohair and ostrich products. Lezanne Viviers also explored new international opportunities and collaborations.

Despite its clear commercial viability, this brand’s identity lies firmly in the clouds. Viviers has consistently found fascination in the intermingling of myths, legends and folklore – elements that resonate across continents, cultures and belief systems, serving as a conduit connecting our tangible reality with the realm of the metaphysical. Viviers explains: “When I delve into the inter-dimensional concepts of time and space, and realise that we have created a shared illusion, mostly rooted in fear, I remind myself that ‘Choice is Creation.’ All-is-One. Adam’s Calendar points home. Remember, remember who we are!” 


The Re-Trace, Re-Memory, Re-Set, Re-Culture collection aims to promote South Africa as a tourist destination, raise awareness about heritage sites, and enable local artisans. The collection explores the intersections between art, science, spirituality and cultural heritage, delving into legends, archaeological revelations and visionary philosophy to dissect how myths mould our comprehension of human evolution and sense of togetherness.

By exploring legends like the Crystal Skulls, the symbolism of the Phoenix, and the visionary insights of individuals such as Oscar Wilde and Credo Mutwa, Re-Trace, Re-Memory, Re-Set, Re-Culture blurs the boundaries between the past, present and future are blurred, drawing inspiration from the time-honoured tradition of fireside storytelling to peel back the veils that obscure our common cultural identities. 

Through the prism of this collection, the idea of embracing diversity becomes a core motif, linking us to our common ancestral heritage. Re-Trace, Re-Memory, Re-Set, Re-Culture asks whether it is conceivable that we are descendants of the stars, part human and part celestial beings, connecting these potential cosmic roots to the wealth of universal wisdom they hold.


The enigmatic puzzles that have captivated and fueled human curiosity for centuries, range from the alchemical quest for eternal life through gold, to the ancient tales of the Anunnaki and the enigmatic Crystal Skulls. Viviers’ exploration unfolds against the unique backdrop of Johannesburg, often named the City of Gold, inspiring intriguing connections between the allure of gold in mythology and the celestial narratives surrounding the Anunnaki.

In ancient Mesopotamian mythology and some African tribal traditions, legends recount the arrival of the Anunnaki on Earth, who established gold mining endeavours in various locales, including South Africa. These encounters with extraterrestrial beings and the stories intertwined with the Anunnaki’s presence in South Africa find resonance with the wisdom imparted by Baba Credo Mutwa, the esteemed Zulu traditional healer.

Mutwa told tales of ancient space travellers who encountered early human societies, including those in Africa. He held the belief that there is a universal connection among all of humanity, stemming from a shared origin. According to Mutwa, life’s purpose lies in acquiring knowledge, personal development and spiritual evolution, with an emphasis on recognising the interconnectedness of all living entities and the broader universe. The exploration of Sacred Sites like Adam’s Calendar and Stone Circles in South Africa reveals a cosmic connection between humanity, the heavens, and the Earth.


This temporal expedition unveils extraordinary archaeological findings that cast doubt upon our comprehension of human evolution. The unearthing of Homo Naledi fossils in the vicinity of Johannesburg in 2013 disrupts established notions of a straightforward evolutionary trajectory, prompting a call for a fundamental reevaluation of our understanding of antiquated beginnings. 

The brand’s bold endeavour into the possibilities of the future serves as a profound catalyst for fostering comprehension of our interconnectedness and our capacity to shape our shared destiny. The Re-Trace, Re-Memory, Re-Set, Re-Culture collection highlights the enduring sense that Viviers Studio is poised to leave an indelible mark on the international fashion and art scene. They will continue to inspire, fostering a legacy that transcends fashion and resonates within the heart and soul of humanity.

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