Premiere: Swishy Delta drops ‘Bronwynne’, exlcusively with Bubblegum Club

Today we drop an exclusive to settle you into the crisp, cold months ahead. Coming out of one of the coolest label in Cape Town, Swishy Delta has all the right co-signs from Damascus to Yes in French… but let the music speak for itself.

The 21st century is the age of multi-hyphenates and slashies, creatives have unbounded themselves from genres, titles and mediums to infiltrate the attention spans of the online audience. Swishy Delta aka Daniel Mark Nel, painter/beatmaker has hitherto expressed himself through atmospheric paintings and graphics and is now releasing his first solo musical effort, Bronwynne;  a 4 track EP released via Quit Safari. The sounds are fresh and emotive, with smatterings of urban sounds and new-age-y murmurs.

Quit Safari is headed up by Bas Van Oudenhove and Sebastian Zenasi. The Cape Town based label is releasing some interesting sounds, and this first effort from Swishy Delta is a welcome reminder of all the edge and emotion that can come out of the Mother City, the meeting of the natural order with urban elements spills out of the sounds and offers something to sway and maybe have sex to this winter.

Just listen, it is so lush.

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