The World Of Birds, serve spoonfuls of retro nostalgia in their new music video

Cape Town originating and based four piece band, The World of Birds, have released a music video for their pocket full of sunshine single titled “Open Up”. The band which was originally known as Nic Preen & the World of Birds, is fronted by Preen who also forms part of Al Bairre’s ensemble. The song itself is a mouthful of sing along melodic joy, something akin to the sun kissed and sea breezy sounds of the band, the Drums. It feels like walking alongside the train tracks from Muizenburg to Kalkbay, stopping for a swim at Dangers Bay and fish, chips and calamari devoured at Kalky’s all while blissfuly falling in love during the summer as Preen sings “when I look back and you forget that you put out your cigarette on my bathing clothes and I thought about it, my dear. But depended on dinner here so I let it go, but if I’d open up, and you’d opened up, we’d be in love we’d be alright”,  through a cloud of moustache that even Ron Burgundy of Anchorman would be jealous of.

The music video, in its vintage style and the juxtaposing of a complicated and weighted human subject matter with jovial honey soaked melodies reminds me of Noah and the Whale’s “5 Years Time“, both the song and music video, even down to the split screen moments and elements of the styling you see in “Open Up”. Directed by the band’s very own drummer, Conor McCarthy, the entire video was shot at home using a singular blue background and basic VFX, with “Open Up”, The World of Bird’s have created 3 minutes and 57 seconds of pure dance and sing along sonic sunshine.

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