Deliberate and Honest Transformation with Tony Gum’s A Portion

A Portion is a self-reflective series by Tony Gum. “Pain, fear, rage, loss, darkness and the unknown eventually, reconnecting with, love, hope, light and joy” emerging as a response to her recent experiences. Dualities, themes with a monochromatic tone, scenography and anthropomorphism are modes used to visualize a complex process of inner turmoil, rebellion and the path of healing. “This project evokes several primal yet catalytic states I have wrestled with; on one hand, ‘creation’, giving life to something or the nurturing of life which conjures absolute connection, love and belonging, whilst, loss, purging and abandonment bear emotional and spiritual detachment,” states Gum.

November 14th : Remembrance, fuji crystal archival print.

Colour is symbolically employed, making reference to culture and spirituality. “Red carries life force, oxygenated blood, and fertility in women, red denotes fire, intensity and passion,” she expresses. The colour black speaks to death and white to purity and light. “This series is a journey with myself, accompanied by new friends, lovers both human and of the animal kingdom, like my black cat, Diesel. Animals in many ways reflect the true essence of our souls and emotions.” Sweet Saboteur addresses Gum’s inner self. The self is captured in duality as compassionate and free of judgement Almost asymmetrical it unpacks the self that navigates life with pain, sorrow and angst.

Riding The Putsch, fuji crystal archival print.

A Portion is a step in the artist’s journey of growth and transformation. The solo exhibition runs from 22 November – 03 January at Christopher Moller Gallery.

Sweet Saboteur, fuji crystal archival print.

Accounting for the process of transformation as an artist is fundamentally also about being honest and deliberate. Whilst being an artist is in many respects, liberating and healing, a pre-requisite to this sense of freedom includes the responsibility to create from a place of integrity and truth.

Warm Regards, mixed media on canvas.

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