Digital Lab Africa’s fully funded mentorship program for digital arts

Ousmane Sembéne, who is concerned the ‘founding father’ of Third Cinema in Africa once said, “some say we are made of flesh and blood, I believe we are made of stories”. In our rapidly changing global ecologies of new media and digitisation, these stories that make up the blood, breath, past and future of our continent are increasingly being imagined, created and told through new media forms by virtue of digital content. From digital art, to virtual and immersive realities, video games and sonic scapes—digitisation has gifted us many new forms within which to create, imagine and innovate.

Digital Lab Africa (DLA) is the first platform dedicated to digital creative content as linked to innovation within Africa. They are now currently looking for their next batch of forward thinking incubation applicants for 2020— in what is one of the most exciting opportunities in Africa, as far as digital content creation is concerned, and this call could be meant for you! The call itself is for individuals breaking new ground in innovative digital content from the perspective of form, storytelling and technologies in these fields of; digital art, immersive realities, video games, animation and music.

The very idea and driving essence of DLA, is to incubate emerging talent by offering them a springboard to fast track their project’s development. This is done with the support and expertise of the DLA creative industries ecosystem in France and in Sub-Saharan African countries. What this means in essence is that successful applicants in the aforementioned fields will receive extensive mentorship, training and coaching in their respective digital discipline. Furthermore, they will be accommodated (all expenses paid) in France and in South Africa for the duration of their learning experience! This call is open to any individuals, collectives, SMEs, artists, producers, designers, students or entrepreneurs working within the space of digital content creation, both based or a national of a country in Sub-Saharan African

This truly is an exciting opportunity of a lifetime!

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