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Empire Gone is a new novel, recasting the mould of African fiction and fantasy

The world of words is a haven. Books are a sanctuary for those lucky enough to look inside them. Lerato Serumula has produced such a sanctuary with Empire Gone, a Young Adult novel. The story features themes of mystery, fantasy and the fight for justice and equality. The authour was inspired by her own prolific reading of the genre, the lack of Young Adult novels from South Africa, as well as a drive to see her dreams realised. In an e-mail exchange about Empire Gone, she writes, ‘a dream that is assisted by the dreamer’s passion and persistence is a dream that can never fail to come to fruition’.

Lerato has decided to self publish, maintaining sovereignty over herself and work, ‘I’m not in it for the money and the accolades, I just simply want to deliver these stories that are scorching at my bones out into the world before my time is up.’

Incredible strides are being taken by young creatives all over the country, Empire Gone marks an important occupation of youth; self starting and unbounded creativity.

Catch up with the authour on her blog; Tiny Film Basket. Empire Gone will be available in April 2016 on Kindle and in hardcopies.

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