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The ComUnity Festival // A Youth Day Celebration in the Mother City

Every year, ​​South Africans celebrate Youth Day to honour the 1976 Soweto Uprising in their own special way. The ComUnity festival is set to hold its Youth Day Reunion celebration at the Old Biscuit Mill on Monday, June 17th. This festival stands out for its unique celebration of culture and its efforts to promote diversity in the cultural landscape. More than just a fun time, it embodies the essence of Mzansi lifestyle and the spirit of Ubuntu.

The festival’s creators, DJ Loyd and Sir Vincent are committed to expanding cultural horizons within the vibrant setting of the Mother City. Their event is a testament to this dedication, blending deep African heritage with cutting-edge musical encounters. ComUnity, synonymous with authenticity, reflects the essence of its founders’ vision. Loyd and Sir Vincent aspire to highlight Cape Town’s abundant pool of creative visionaries and innovative minds across various artistic domains.

Youth Day

“We are not just creating experiences, we are echoing the voices of a rich, diverse continent. ComUnity exemplifies this, with cultural nuances not just as an afterthought but embedded throughout the food, fashion, and music experiences at the event,” said ComUnity’s co-founder, Loyd.

ComUnity has previously presented an array of exceptional musical artists such as Bravo le Roux, Dali Wonga, Sun-EL Musician, Mandisi Dyantyis, 2wobunnies, and Okmalumkoolkat. The upcoming event slated for June 17th will feature prominent acts like Maglera Doe Boy, Tony Dayimane, Usimamane, MaWhoo, the Scorpion Kings, and DJ Capital.

ComUnity’s co-founder Sir Vincent said, “The Mother City has never experienced anything like this Festival, which helps empower the local Hip-Hop, Jazz and the ever-growing Amapiano scene, bringing it to Cape Town’s music-loving inner-city crowd.”

The ComUnity Festival celebrates the rich essence of the township with a unique event that highlights the vibrant tapestry of Cape Town’s multicultural landscape. Amplifying the presence of black artists fosters an environment for meaningful exchanges between local and global cultures, paving the way for fresh connections to flourish.

The festival offers guests a stunning variety of avenues for their entertainment. Fashion enthusiasts can peruse stalls offering locally crafted attire from Denim by Dome, Broke, and Pot Plant Club. Food aficionados can indulge in delectable offerings from Candy’s Kitchen, Crust Almighty, Habibi, Smoked, Umlilo, and Good Fellas, featuring sandwiches, meats, and other savoury delights. And to top it off, there will be ample hours of live musical performances to savour.

Loyd and Sir Vincent join the festival roster, bringing their unique musical style to what is anticipated to be an unforgettable gathering! As the creators of this event, these distinguished DJs aim to blend youth empowerment, music, fashion, and culture for another triumphant ComUnity Festival.

To buy tickets to the event, head over to Quicket.

Youth Day

Youth Day

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