OH OK releases its latest lookbook, ‘Mellow Yellow’

Yellow. The colour of sunshine, warmth, happiness and OH OK‘s Summer collection. This is what makes the title for the lookbook – ‘Mellow Yellow’ – so fitting. Although the label is still in its infancy stage, having only launched last year, they are running full steam ahead with their designs. Similar to the garments featured in their debut lookbook ‘Orange‘ released in September 2017, their new collection includes simple everyday items with an emphasis on comfort. The minimalist designs of the collection play off the larger than life mountainous landscape and the youthful models encapsulate everything that OH OK sets out to represent – a brand made for young people.

Various locations in Cape Town served as the backdrop for ‘Mellow Yellow’, creating a narrative around these picturesque views. The intimacy presented in ‘Orange’, which was translated through photographing people in their homes, is carried through in the photographic effects and compositional choices present in the new lookbook images. This triggers memories of hanging out with friends and family on a Sunday afternoon. The inclusion of landscape shots within the lookbook points to the construction of a narrative, and mimics the way in which some memories appear in our minds – as snapshots of faces and powerful scenery.Skillfully captured by the lens of David East, the overall look for ‘Mellow Yellow’ appears slightly different to his other work – the documentation of compositionally sound and strikingly beautiful architectural imagery and natural landscapes. Here we are met with foci on humans, with nature playing a complementary role in the storyline.

Two fresh-faced models whose looks play off one another are embedded in the natural landscape. They face the viewer in a subtle rebellion, the image is blown out by the sun kissing one of the model’s shoulders. Even though the image has a blown out aspect it is not unappealing. It conveys a cheeky mood and the nature of film softens the blow.In addition to the feelings of nostalgia these images evoke, the pairing of models, the softness of film and lost information in the images creates a mysterious absence in sections. This lost information, sometimes associated with film, does not take away from the images. It enhances them.

Crisp and clean. A mirror into the souls of youth and an aesthetically appealing lookbook is what is brought to light. The combination of yellow clothing against the green and blue colours of nature elevates the brand’s designs. This lookbook is vivid with life, budding with youth and will make you dream about Summer days.

Photography by David East
Concept by OH OK
Models: Erin Simon, Devon Massey, JQ du Toit, Lara Simon, Lucas Botes and Willow Borain.

All clothing made in Cape Town, South Africa
All clothing available for purchase at www.oh-ok-worldwide.myshopify.com  –  Worldwide delivery

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