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Amapiano is a lifestyle says Jazzidisciples

There’s no other genre like the infamous amapiano which basically means pianos. The genre’s name is loosely descriptive of its framework around its intuitive chord progressions and sounding of piano keys. This genre has gone from inane social media feuds to a compendium of memes to making the biggest songs South Africa has ever heard. Out of all of this madness and music there is a pair of skilful individuals whose sound takes on a more technical approach to musical things, they are Jazzidisciples.

As is their pseudonym, their love for instrumental music manages to equip them with a valuable source for their creativity to machine their grooves.  All the way from Alexandra, Tumelo and Josiah decided to come together and style the amapiano sound in their own way. Their performance sessions are an outstanding energetic presentation of live instrumentation which is percussion driven, making for a rhythmic experience to shake and groove to.

They are also quite the sports when it comes to disc jockeying, having now released their fifth mixtape which is a mix composed of the latest and next level amapiano records to come out.  With more than 100 thousand plays on their Soundcloud page the mixtapes and singles are loved by many all around the country and even the world. With hits like “Ara’Robala (Gomora Flow)” ft FakeLove, “Long lasting”, “Nduku” and many more they have set the sword in stone when it comes to amapiano.

Listen to their new EP ‘IOP’ here.

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