MHD is the French Rapper You Need to Know About - Photography by  - Elisa Parron
Photography by Elisa Parron

MHD is the French Rapper You Need to Know About

Do you ever worry that there’s so much dope shit out there in the world, that you’ll never get to experience it all? I do. We are in a golden age where art is more accessible than ever, but due to sheer volume of what’s created, I feel like I’m always playing catch-up.

Like, how the fuck did I now know about MHD? Why am I only now discovering this 23-year-old rapper who has been racking up millions upon millions of plays over the last 3 years? Why didn’t any of you tell me?

Oh, you didn’t know about him either? Ok, you’re forgiven, but let me fill you in on what I know. MHD is a French rapper of Guinean and Senegalese descent and his Afro-Trap series of raps and videos has catapulted him to fame in France and earned him plenty of love in French speaking African countries. With over 164 million views on his Afro-Trap 7 video, it’s safe to say the chap has resonated with a few people. Don’t parly voo France, hey? Don’t worry, the video has subtitles so you can get a lesson in French and learn about Le Puissance (The Power) whilst you’re at it.

And it’s not like he’s a one hit wonder either. Every single music video on his Youtube is in the millions of views, and the cat has only been on the scene since 2015. It makes some local rappers’ brags seem rather silly. With a stripped down approach to videos, thumping infectious beats, and a don’t-give-a-fuck cadence, MHD’s career has skyrocketed.

MHD has strong African roots which he pays homage to in his music. He’s already collaborated with African icons like Fally Ipupa and Angelique Kidjo, and even has a song about Cameroonian football legend Roger Milla, which lead to him swinging his hips in celebration along with the Cameroonian football team as part of a promotional video for PUMA.

If you have an hour and a bit spare, take a deep dive into this young rapper’s Youtube catalogue and be stoked that there’s still so much dope art left to be discovered.


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