Thesis Lifestyle celebrates a decade in the game!

Thesis is a Johannesburg institution. From fashion and retail to events and socially oriented initiatives the brand has grown from strength to strength in the past decade. Their t-shirts and bucket hats are staples on the streets of the city and they’ve recently opened a new store ko-Kagiso.

The original thesis store is located In the heart of Soweto  at 173 Machaba Drive, in Mofolo Village. Their stock of original apparel and accessories are fresh yet uncomplicated and have come to help define youth culture from Soweto. The store itself is home for the brand as well as a creative nexus for Soweto and Johannesburg at large. The Thesis team consists of Wandile Zondo, Business Manager, Wireless G the Creative Director and Co-owner Nkululeko Khumalo.

The brand launched a decade ago, and has been positively impacting their community through cultural initiatives as well as serving as a model for entrepreneurship for other streetwear brands.  Thesis is rooted in the street culture of Soweto, and interprets the unique experience of being from there for the world. Their innovative perspective on using the corner store to push culture instead of liquor positively impacts their community while inspiring others to follow suit. Their ten years in the industry has seen them consistently promote creative expression; they hosted the pioneering Thesis Social Jam Sessions which offered a platform to other up and coming creatives including Toll Ass Mo and the Goliath brothers.  And now as part of the 4Afrika Initiative Thesis has teamed up with Microsoft to continue to do great things for South African creatives and society.

A happy ten years to Thesis Lifestyle; a landmark for a cultural and social institution, for and from the streets of South Africa.


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