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I Do Not Have an Answer for You, but Maybe Ask Your AI Chatbot

If procuring the services of OpenAI’s ChatGPT to complete that last-minute assignment you had was not enough, and Snapchat’s My AI did not help with your problems like it promised it would, now you can have a conversation with Kendall Jenner – Virtually of course, through META’s new AI ChatBot, Billie, who not only resembles the 27-year-old model but also has that iconic  ‘Kardashian-esque tone of voice’ when it speaks. If you were to google ‘What is an AI chatbot’ you would probably find a definition similar to a type of computer program that uses different types of artificial intelligence technologies to create personalised interactions between you and a chatbot – Cool right? Well not completely. 


Kendall Jenner aka META’s Billie via Instagram/yoursisbillie

The reason I say this is because what happens to the job I hoped to apply for after university? Will the skills that I was encouraged to acquire throughout my 4-year university experience not match up to what an AI Chatbot can reproduce within a simple 5-second prompt generation? I decided to ask a few of my friends how they felt about the impact of AI Chatbots on their professional livelihoods and careers.

Here are a few accounts of how young, prospective employees feel about AI Chatbots’ influence on their respective career fields/specialisations:

As a law student, the influence of AI chatbots is already discernible. AI chatbots have significantly developed legal research, document review, and contract analysis. While they undoubtedly enhance productivity, they also raise questions about potential job displacement. It’s concerning for aspiring lawyers to harness these technological tools to their advantage, focusing on developing skills in legal tech and data analysis. Embracing AI can allow individuals to be more efficient and informed practitioners in the workspace.

Levy, 22, Law

AI chatbots have profoundly impacted computer science by driving innovation in natural language processing and machine learning. They’ve opened up new frontiers in human-computer interaction, pushing the boundaries of what machines can understand and respond to. As a young professional entering the field, this revolution presents both opportunities and challenges. On one hand, it offers a chance to be part of cutting-edge developments in AI and chatbot technology. On the other, it demands a commitment to staying updated with evolving trends and ensuring a strong ethical foundation in AI design. Adaptability and a willingness to learn will be crucial in navigating this dynamic landscape, making continuous education and ethical considerations central to one’s role in this evolving field.

Kai, 22, Computer Science

I would say that AI chatbots have had a significant impact on the field, in terms of making it easier to access information for data collection and analysis, however, I feel that it won’t have much of a negative influence in the position that I play in the working world as AI lacks the human touch that is needed in a field like psychology.

Annie, 23, Organisational Psychology

As a young professional in the healthcare industry, it may be challenging to accurately predict the full extent to which artificial intelligence (AI) chatbots will impact the medical field and my role as a working professional. However, it is likely that AI will play a significant role in enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of medical processes and procedures.

For instance, AI-powered robots could potentially assist surgeons during intricate operations or be utilised to perform routine tasks such as obtaining vital signs. Additionally, AI could be employed to analyse medical data and aid doctors in making more informed diagnoses and treatment plans.

Clare, 21, Health Care

There have been positive and negative aspects of having programs such as ChatGPT. On a negative note, in teaching, many students are less motivated to listen in class because they know for any assignment, they will be able to plug it into ChatGPT and get an answer which makes it very hard to assess learners’ abilities and whether they know the work or not. 

A positive, however, is that it can be used as a fun teaching tool in class where I can incorporate it into activities for the learners. As a teacher, it can also assist me in making lesson plans or finding creative ways to teach classes. As a young professional in teaching, I’ve found that I can’t ignore that AI systems exist and rather than deterring learners from it, I try to include it in my lessons

Samantha, 22, Education 

AI can be considered both good and bad, in my opinion. As practising journalists, we are always encouraged to conduct fact-check processes on the articles that we write, to create accuracy and transparency between our readers, but I am not sure how effective the use of this process will be when we rely on it to communicate important information on relevant stories and trends. But maybe it will also assist data journalists, with simplifying data which can save time. But to be honest, there is more harm than good, as many would start relying on AI chatbots to not only generate subject matter for possible articles but to even expect these ‘robots’ to write the stories for them. 

Journalism has supposedly already been threatened by the rise of digital media and online publications, the rise of AI Chatbots is just something else that we will have to take in our stride. 

Tia, 23, Journalism

Disclaimer: The names of the people in the article have been changed. 

And just when you thought AI chatbots ruining your professional life was not enough, imagine its impact on social interactions as we know it. Imagine hearing your friend, who is an AI enthusiast, cancel those plans they had with you because they caught up in therapy with that Billie – It is a scary reality we live in, one where (perhaps) technology might be the greatest, or worst thing that has ever happened to us. 

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