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Women, Music & Media by the Hub@Goethe – a platform for the upliftment of Women

Established as a way of creating opportunities for entrepreneurial achievement, the Hub@Goethe is a mentorship programme growing cultural and social entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are hand-picked as having strong concepts with potential but a lack of hands-on entrepreneurial skills to establish a thriving business as of yet. The third iteration of Hub@Goethe started in May of this year and includes twelve individuals who are being taken through a laborious training programme over the next few months.

The programme spanning over six months is done in a cooperative relationship with Karani Leadership and centres itself on the real-life development of a business from conceptualization to actualization. The journey includes a variety of learning methods that comprising of a one-week Business Bootcamp, Feedback Fridays – a platform for constructive feedback, as well as Strengths Coachings which assists mentees in developing their personalities in ways that are beneficial to their businesses.

Branching out of Hub@Goethe is Imagination Nights a space for the hubbers of Goethe to present their concepts to audiences and voice the challenges that they are facing. Goethe encourages these speakers to create interactive presentations that have up to this point included photo shoots, exhibitions, live streaming, music performances and graphic recordings.

The next event that forms a part of Imagination Nights is Women, Music & Media presented by Tebogo Sedumedi and Lebogang Pangwa with their startup HerArtistry as well as Edward Tsumele with the project CityLife Arts. As the name would suggest, HerArtistry is a music agency focused on female musicians and women in music-making with a future mission of an Africa of women united. They hope to solidify meaningful collaborative relationships that highlight the diversity of musical talent by women in order to build a future of sustainability. The inventive media startup, CityLife Arts is a new platform for artists working within the sphere of visual art, theatre, literature, film, dance and music genres. Actualised in 2017 by award winning arts journalist Edward Tsumele the mission of the publication is to be a much-needed voice to the mainstream, sales-dominated media space.

Women, Music & Media as a part of Imagination Nights is taking place tonight on the 26 June 2019 at 6:30 pm at the Goethe-Institut Johannesburg and creates an amazing opportunity for learning from industry go-getters.

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