Photography by Seve Maslamoney

Vast Creatives – making cinematic work built on friendship

Vast Creatives describe themselves as stylists, curators and creatives brought together through friendship. By adding photographer Seve Maslamoney to the mix a fully-fledged creative expression emerged.

Describing their journey to finding their collective, the team tells me that it all began through their love of thrift with people often commenting that they should be stylists, that’s just what they did. Vast Creatives began in 2015 with the aim of “bridging the gap between streetwear and high end”. As their expression started maturing so did their collective output as they branched into curating and creative direction.

Recent projects include Lake Paradise, a photo series completed on medium format with Jabu Nadia Newman behind the lens, as well as HUE created in collaboration with musician Patrickxxlee. “We titled it HUE because it’s self-explanatory, we were using different coloured gels in different backdrops which came out crazy.”

“It all goes back to what made us start this ‘Bridging the gap between streetwear and high end’ that was our main objective when we started although we branched out into creative directing and content curation we still streetwear stylists who wanna close that gap and give everyone a different perspective of both high end and streetwear. Especially collaborating with more local brands.”

For the team work is never work and at the same time work never ends. Let me explain, as they are friends they spend most of their time together and as such they are always having fun making work more play. On the other hand their creative minds never stop producing so they have a tendency to constantly work, exploring new concepts and visiting locations for shoots.

What I enjoy about the work of Vast Creatives looked at in its totality and not as separate elements is the cinematic feel of it. Each image reflects as though a film still with clothing, scene, framing and lighting adding to this constructed pseudo-reality.

To keep up with Vast Creatives follow them on Instagram.

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