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Black femme South African podcasts to listen to

For Black women, the digital media ecosystem is frequently an exclusive one. That has changed as a result of how the internet has democratised the creative sector and reduced the power of the gatekeepers. One platform where Black women are becoming increasingly visible is South African podcasts. It is a space for an open and in-depth discussion on Black womanhood and everything it entails.

2022 has been a great year for femme led podcasts. I took the liberty of putting together a list of South African Black femme-led podcasts:


Luluology is hosted by The Lulus. They have created a space for South African Femmes to speak freely on the micro aggressions that they face either from growing up in a black household or navigating life as a Black Femme in our world. Topics ranging from fatphobia, desirability politics and navigating romantic relationships as a queer person.

Confessions of a Consecrated Cutie:

Rorisang Sebiloane, better recognised as Oneandonly_Rori on social media, is a digital content creator who has anchored her work on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram. She recently started her podcast for the person who is navigating the secular world as a Christian. Rori has used her witty humour and infectious laugh to speak on the challenges of pursuing your passions, being single and the dilemma of dropping out of university as a Black person while living within God’s intended will for one’s life.

The Conversation Capital:

The Conversation Capital, a YouTube video podcast hosted by Ursula Mariani, covers subjects including demystifying menstruation, African spirituality, and comprehending polyamory. Significant societal conversations in South Africa tend to be well-organised by the podcast. The listener is frequently forced to consider and reconsider their own perceptions of their prejudices and preconceptions.

Sisterhood of the Traveling Mgowo:

This is a podcast between friends who are navigating the intricacies of adulthood. They have created a space that also provokes the listener to interrogate how they navigate friendships and relationships while cleverly commenting on topical issues within our society.

That’s Funny:

The online sensation Baxbara is the host of the show That’s Funny, which explores the Bible, Bax, and the art of banter. Barbara Moagi is renowned for her brazen demeanour and attractive appearance. She has created a group of supporters that not only respect her viewpoint but are also eagerly awaiting her participation in a Miss South Africa contest.

Here are a few honourable mentions:

  1. Definitely, Maybe
  2. What the Relationship
  3. Heroine Cheek
  4. Wisdom and Wellness
  5. The Journey Unearthed Podcast
  6. The Women’s Club
  7. Mouthful with Beloved Sechele
  8. My Futile Optimism

These podcasts seem to be a fantastic organiser of significant societal conversations in South Africa. I challenge you to stretch yourself and engage in conversations that you might consider “bigger” than yourself. If you find someone who does not look, speak and live like you then you are probably on the right terrain to learn something new.

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