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Ibrahim Kamara contines to forge visions of Love

Anybody can put clothes together — I want to style with a vision”.

Ib Kamara, from an interview with Business of Fashion

The art of styling is often the unsung hero of editorial work it certainly isn’t merely putting clothes together, but rather, it is about working with garments to illustrate a narrative springing from the movement and presence of the human form. It is also the highly intensive aspect of showcasing the juxtaposition of how garments can exist with other pieces, requiring a decisive eye and a unique interpretation of sartorial vision in order to understand how fashion intends to function beyond the cutting table.

Ib Kamara’s career is a story of styling that continues to inspire and astound for their ability to create editorial works that are enriched with an exceptional understanding of working with “fashion” as a medium above and beyond being a mechanism of commerce. Stretching it into the realm of interrogations of cultural and social constructs, with fashion firmly functioning as their tool and medium of questioning. Now, the senior fashion editor at large for i-D Magazine, Ib continues to reference their signature abandonment of stylistic conventions while invoking personal references of their childhood in Sierra Leone firmly placing them on the world stage as one of the most interesting and exciting visionary voices in the industry.

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