Albany Lore Escapes Self Destruction with ‘Running Circles’ - Cover artwork by  -  Nena Maree
Cover artwork by Nena Maree

Albany Lore Escapes Self Destruction with ‘Running Circles’

Since 2014, Albany Lore (Matt Rightford) has quietly and erratically released 3 of the sweetest and most sincere songs you might not have heard yet. Albany Lore, so far, has fit the adage of “It’s not about quantity, it’s about quality,” to a tee. While his catalogue isn’t deep, it’s all worth listening to, and, let’s be honest, that’s not something we can say about most musicians.

Good work takes time and you can tell Matt is meticulous with his songwriting. Each of his 3 releases shows growth, both in his sound and his personal life. From his debut single, the heartbreaking experimental ballad ‘The Cynic’s Surrender’, to the more self-assured and upbeat ‘Rest Easy, Genie’, to his latest release ‘Running Circles’, where he puts his past behind him because of someone new in his life.

‘The Cynic’s Surrender’ was a strong, emotive opening offer where he showcased his range as a vocalist and experimental song writer. It’s rather touching, if a bit morose. It got him attention, but there was no immediate follow up. Then, in December 2017, he put out a song that was the polar opposite of his debut. It was his first foray into the more pop (with a touch of soul) side of things and he was clearly feeling more chipper with ‘Rest Easy, Genie’, a song in which he reminds himself to keep his chin up and to “go full tilt bozzo”, because he’s got this.

‘Running Circles’, is a laidback, poppy, and a bit soppy, love song that explores how meeting that special someone else can lead you off the path of self-destruction. The smooth and sultry sounds of a saxophone open the track before Matt croons, “I’ve been looking for the trouble that you promised me. You’ve got me distracted from the wreck I wanted to be.” He repeats, “I’ve been looking for the trouble that you promised me,” before coming to the realisation that “Won’t be long before I find, that trouble’s not what I need.” From there it’s all groove and good times.  

Matt Rightford used to be a part of the naas collective, he’s worked with some of the best in the business and really knows what he’s doing when it comes to the music thing. His releases may be erratic, but that just makes me cherish them more. I don’t know when we’ll be hearing another release from Albany Lore. The last 2 have been within less than a year of each other, and I see he’s playing live these days, which hopefully means we won’t have to wait until 2020 to hear more audio delights from this genuine sweetheart.

Listen to ‘Running Circles’ on Spotify.


Bass Guitar by Simon Lee

Guitar by Aviwe Mandlenkosi Sikele

Production Assistance by Thor Rixon & Elu Eboka

Vocals recording & Mix by Elu Eboka

Master by Ross Finck of Fin Mastering

Record Label: KuduKudu Records

Image by Robyn Keyser

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