Fela Gucci’s ‘Diphala’ – archiving black sonic magic

Multifaceted black queer wonder, Fela Gucci’s fascination for South African electronic music led to a reliable music store in Jeppestown in early 2016. Since then Fela has been building a collection of interesting sounds that you will probably not hear on your favourite radio station.

Thankfully, Fela created a harmonious mix called Diphala and we can now all indulge in the vibrant sounds of DJ Cee, Mujava, Bojo Mujo, DJ Call Me, Halata na titlakuseni magaza, Nozinja, DJ Leostic, DJ Target, DJ Epic and Illumination Boyz.

“These artists go undocumented and what I’m trying to do with my mixes is create some sort of archival project and hopefully by me sharing this music with people, some sort of awareness could be made to their work”, said Fela.

It is the magical music produced from these artists and how their music is testament to the resilience of the black spirit that captivates Fela.

“I feel the resilience in the sound”, said Fela, “I would like to emphasize that this music is created often times by disadvantaged black people who create magic from the little resources they have and through this music they are able to empower and express themselves.”

Check out the mix on Fela’s Soundcloud


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