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Francis Jay Makes Music to Break Up to

Summer is on its way, which usually means sunshine and good times, but for some of you, it’ll mean heartbreak as your significant other decides they’re FINALLY done with your shit, and discards you for a rotating roster of holiday lovers. Whilst you look back over the last few months/years/decades and think about all the times they forgave your emotionally childish ass for all the irrational bullshit you pulled, and think about them getting sweaty with so many other people (including one or two of your close friends), you’re going to need music to cry to. Might I suggest the emotionally honest music of Francis Jay?

Francis is a Pretorian R&B and Soul singer who has a knack for cutting to your core as he shares his fears, insecurities and failures through his music. Last December, just as summer was heating up, he put out WNTR – an album in which he bares his soul and tells the story of a man trying to keep it together as the relationship he’s in falls apart. It’s full of introspection and Francis often focuses on his own shortcomings as a person and a partner. It’s a hauntingly beautiful album that has the power to either build or break your spirit depending on where you’re at in life.

A year later and it appears Francis’ love life hasn’t got much better as he returns with a single that will hit you right in the feels. It’s aptly called ‘Feel’ and features the delightfully sweet vocal talents of Tarryn Coltman alongside Jay’s emotive crooning. Once again Francis tackles the difficulties associated with love and romantic relationships, this time lamenting a breakdown in communication as two hearts drift apart. Be prepared to have your heart broken repeatedly as Francis delicately lets out “No love lives here,” on the chorus. It’s powerful stuff that’ll make you feel like you’re going through a break up even if you’ve been single for years, and if you are in a relationship, maybe don’t listen to this with your partner if you want to keep it that way.

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