PURE turns spoken language into gold with the release of the ‘Vocal Alchemy’ EP - Photography by  - Donovan Orr
Photography by Donovan Orr

PURE turns spoken language into gold with the release of the ‘Vocal Alchemy’ EP

“At an early age, I learned that what was said was not always what was meant, and this became my first lesson in the power of words. I also came to understand the influence of unspoken language.” Vocal Alchemy explores how choices are actioned through both expression and spoken language. Reflecting on the power of silent monologue PURE sifts through the way in which our personal realities can be formed and altered by this simple unconscious act of self-conversation.

Words are weighed and their ability to humble or humiliate is expressed in song. Much like the embodiment of PURE herself, a magnificent being embracing both light and dark and in a way craving the balance of natural forces; yin-yang, the EP becomes an alchemist’s chemistry experiments into the power of language. This can be surmised from titles such as “Let Go”, “Beyond Pain”, “Cosmic” and “Dreaming” with each title audibly reflecting back to its given name and setting the tone for the suggested sensory experience. But it is the words of pain and of pleasure in these soulful croons which is of most prevalence in PURE’s sonic explorations. Despite the sobering and emotional tone of Vocal Alchemy the tracks are soft and delicate, inviting, comforting–an auditory release. A beautiful amalgamation of emotion brought in lyrical prose.

In these titles, is unpacked the effects of spoken messages aired by sound waves on its receiver, both the positive and the negative and how these implications leave lasting marks–resulting in a shift of mind and heart.

Vocal Alchemy is a vulnerable plea for all of us to bring more attention in the way that we communicate to ourselves and each other.”


Listen to it here.

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