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The rise and rise of Moonchild Sanelly

My first meeting with Moonchild was in Cape Town, she performed at the legendary Cold Turkey and won me over with her energy and openness. Her performance was electrifying and I’ve watched her grow from strength to strength in every facet of her creative output. Now some four years later I sit opposite a SAMA nominated artist, an established fashion designer and the person responsible for the proliferation of coloured woollen hairstyles. The opportunity to connect with someone at such an critical moment in their career is beautiful, Moonchild’s energy and love for her work is palpable, her ambition supported by a steel will and drive to make people dance and sing and celebrate. She’s on the road at the moment, about to perform at Zafiko festival in Durban and Primavera Sound festival in Barcelona.

Moonchild is on a roll; The New York Times featured her in a photo diary by Chris Saunders that revealed her perspective and hustle in GoliWood, she’s going on a national tour with Red Bull soon and she is currently nominated for one of the nation’s highest musical honours. The SAMA nomination is a nod from people within the music industry, people who run record companies and make it their business to invest in new talent and artistry. “The nomination has opened a lot of doors for me, people actually respond to me emails now ” she says with the sweetest smile.   ” I don’t know if it’s hit me yet, and I’ll be travelling when the ceremony is on but I do hope I win “.  Her competition is stiff but anything is possible, so we await June 4th with bated breath.  This nomination reflects the establishment taking note of alternative and independent artists, the people who run the streets and contribute to urban culture are finally being recognized in the upper echelons of the creative industries.

Creativity is a beautiful gift and meeting it with professionalism and productivity makes it powerful. This is the power Moonchild exudes, ‘I want to be exhausted, I’m just tired now’ she says in reference to her touring schedule for the coming months. Her dreams are big and her passion spills out in the conversation about recording and singing. And after 7 years in this city, these accolades and opportunities are well deserved, it really is inspiring to see things come together for such a talented, ambitious human, I tell her this, she smiles that same sweet smile and says, ‘I want a lot, I’m on my way to getting it’.

Moonchild’s latest single Fox With That, produced by her long time collaborator Maramza is available on iTunes and currently rising up local charts. Follow her @Moonchild_SA and watch out for her performing somewhere near you, soon.

Words by Oratile Mashazi @Oracle254

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