Uncle Partytime converts the dance floor into a space of sonic transcendence

Uncle Partytime is a kid whose dj persona was born out of the scene in Braamfontein, allowing him to be plugged into the sonic shifts that his audience craves. Starting off with gigs at Kitcheners and Great Dane, and the Onyx rage parties, he continues to carry with him an ability to fuel the energy in the crowd and convert the dance floor into a transcendental space guided by the beat.

His sound bounces between hip hop and gqom-wave. Having broadened his gig list to include larger clubs and festivals, he recognizes that his audience is a mix of the old and young. From this recognition he is able to translate the core of this signature sound for both audiences. “It’s always easier with the younger audience because they understand the sound better but it’s always a challenge with the older audience ’cause that’s when I get to teach them about the new wave and still give them what they want to hear,” he explains.

As one of the founding members of Onyx and as a self-taught dj, Uncle Partytime has been active in expanding the parameters of his career. Simple, tactical moves have seen him able to stretch the imaginary of possibility, and his inclusion in the Red Bull Music Festival this year is evidence of this.

When asked about the direction he sees himself moving, Uncle Partytime shared that, “I want to represent myself and local music on global platforms. Just have to work harder, learn more and make sure I’m ready when my time comes.”

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