Photography by Paul Edwards Musoke

Paul Edwards Musoke on Photographing People that look like him and making the Swedish Fashion Industry Pay Attention

21-year-old fashion photographer Paul Edwards Musoke was born in Kampala, Uganda and relocated to Sweden at the age of 12. Paving his journey with photography by starting to capture his friends roughly 3 and a half years ago, he has been interpreting the world with his lens ever since.

In the short life span of his professional career he has worked with some of Sweden and Stockholm’s biggest artists. Self-taught, he began styling and shooting with friends after high school. He expresses that he has a diverse group of friends which afforded him to shoot regularly with people that looked like him rather than the skinny white models that dominate the industry. “People in Sweden could strongly connect with me and the pictures I took which I believe forced the industry to pay attention.”

With his creative expression Paul wishes to challenge the norms of Eurocentricity. “Another purpose is also to inspire the commercial industry to believe in young norm-breaking creatives.”

Asked about his journey in the industry Paul expresses that he believes it has not yet begun. He continues to say that as the only young Afro-Swe fashion photographer in an industry filled with white photographers who have big industry heavyweights representing them, it results in your journey always “starting and never ending because you have to work twice as hard.”

According to the young expressive each image he captures must contain the following elements: a good energy from the model, a way to make the model feel beautiful so that they are wholly present in the creative process, location, lighting and the most important element he highlights – is having fun.

“Sometimes I forget to breathe when I create. I hold myself in the moment as long as I can to get that perfect image.”

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