Ebumnandini X Prime named first recipients of Boiler Room X Ballantine’s True Music Fund

2019 marked a significant milestone in the longstanding partnership between Boiler Room X Ballantine’s True Music with the introduction of the True Music Fund; an initiative launched to support the global music underground. As Boiler Room X Ballentine’s True music continues to champion True Music artists, fans and crews around the world, The True Music Fund – the first-of-its-kind investment and mentorship programme – aims to back projects that have the potential for real long-term community benefit and that will contribute to the flourishing of their local music scenes. Born out of Boiler Room x Ballantine’s shared ambition to support local music communities, artists, promoters, and creatives around the world—Ebumnandini X Prime have been named the recipients of the True Music fund in South Africa.

Shaking up the music and party scenes of the 011 and 021 respectively; Ebumnandini and Prime are both still pretty fresh to their respective cultural party scenes—although to varying degrees—but have already established themselves as institutional names in the movement of South African groove and music, and the progression of our underground subcultures. Their project aims to create more opportunities for audiences to experience new genres and introduce them to the headliners of tomorrow in safe and fun environments.

We believe South Africa has some of the brightest talent in the world and we want to give those people the platform to shine. Unfortunately, our music industry has experienced the loss of key venues and events over the years. We want to create a way forward. With the help of the True Music Fund, which is even more crucial in the wake of Covid-19, we can begin to start new networks from the ground up. We want to create a sustainable alternative to mainstream club culture, a safe space to listen to the music that isn’t being played on radio and the artists we don’t see on TV.

Said Ebumnandini co-founder and one half of Stiff Pap, Jakinda Mshindi Boya of the project. Ebumnandini and Prime will receive financial backing as well as dedicated support from Boiler Room’s in-house programming team and industry network. From advice on producing new event formats, recommendations on promoting their club night, production support and the investment to make it happen, the True Music Fund offers 360 support for local event series, to help bring True Music communities to the forefront and thrive thereafter. Prime’s Alex Michelsen added:

Prime strives to add to the Cape Town community and beyond through music and more. Now more than ever; given the impact Covid-19 has had on local music communities—with the help of Ballantine’s and Boiler Room’s True Music Fund—Prime aims to improve on its current work in growing talent and [to continue] encouraging diversity through increased inclusion. The spaces created since Prime started out in 2016 have always reflected the love put into them, the plan moving forward is to maintain and improve on those efforts. Our mission includes empowering the younger generation, promoting individuality through inclusion, strengthening the music community and bringing smiles to the faces of our forever growing dance floor family.

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