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Sun and self-love; For Black Girls Only

City life breeds cynicism, after attending event after event, countless nights in clubs, exhibits en masse and even the odd lecture, new events, alternative spaces and new movements can be received with skepticism. For Black Girls Only is a new and necessary addition to what is offered as fun in Johannesburg. It may not boast what jaded Joburgers may be accustomed to in terms of entertainment or alcohol availability, but it is revolutionary.

A public space, where black women can share in public what has only been conferred and experienced in private; Sisterhood. The Sunday sun blazed and brown skin beamed. All around and everywhere to be seen, was black woman, beautifully shaped and come to commune with her kin. Picnic baskets and brown children sprinkled the scene and there was some sensual music to be swayed to.  A marvelous occasion unfettered by pettiness and pretence, providing a unique opportunity to share black femininity in a sweet setting. May there be more.

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