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Mantsho Lifestyle at 27 Boxes radiates a Beautiful Complexion

27 Boxes upholds sustainability, local economy and community and is one of the few spaces in Johannesburg with this contemporary retail outlook and aim. This cutting-edge centre offers unique spaces for social gathering, contemporary eateries as well as exciting retail brands. One such a brand is Mantsho Lifestyle founded by Palesa Mokubung in 2004. “Mantsho” is a Sesotho word that translates to “a beautiful complexion” and it is easy to see why this name is so fitting.

Palesa’s designs from the heart making use of African materials that are given mode and edginess. Fine silks and woven fabrics amalgamate to transform into designs that are wholly original. “A true Mantsho garment can be identified by its confident and effortless silhouette, structure and quirkiness,” explains the brand’s website. Mantsho places emphasis on shape, taking it on as a design ethos as Palesa believes that shape contains a woman’s confidence.

From Kroonstad, she began her career working at Stoned Cherrie as a designer where she built up enough experience to foster her own label. Mantsho has travelled its designs to India, Greece, Jamaica, Nigeria, Botswana and New York. The brand has built up a strong following amongst woman who embody style, who are driven, radiate charisma and class.

For more on the brand and on 27 Boxes watch the video below and be sure to pop into Mantsho Lifestyle at 27 Boxes for a look of ease and confidence.

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