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‘The Same Pain’ the one-woman show that speaks to gender-based violence in South Africa

Director and playwright Carla Fonseca brings to audiences the exhilarating one-woman show The Same Pain in collaboration with the Soweto Theatre. Her latest offering acts as a follow up to the acclaimed Modjadji (2017). Portraying a set of characters that uncover their own way of survival in a humanizing narrative of transformation as well as rebirth in a world of horror that is not of their own making, actress Asia McDonald embodies these roles with fearlessness and passion. The play takes on gender-based violence and the shocking rape statistics South Africa is confronted with every day as its focus. The one-woman show is turned on its head as creatures, spirits and a host of characters are expressed on stage as an interrogation of rape culture.

The true stories that the play draws from relate to substance abuse, power dynamics, corrupt legal systems, bias politics and defencelessness, coming together with the intricacy of rape culture.

Delivered in isiZulu, English and Afrikaans the richness of language is sure to mesmerize viewers. A fresh and original take on the one-woman show, The Same Pain is characterized by moments that are funny, surreal, surprising and devastating. A tale of survival this production creates a rare instance where audiences can experience narratives that are being overlooked.

A confrontational piece of protest theatre, The Same Pain runs for an hour and comes at a crucial time in South Africa. Taking on different characters throughout the performance is done in order to speak to the faceless nature of violence.

There isn’t one type of victim, not one type of abuser…

The reality of gender-based violence and rape culture is fluently depicted throughout resonating in an offering that expresses tones of complexity, frankness, enchantment and dis-ease culminating in an experience of enlightenment.

Fonseca’s The Same Pain is aimed at raising awareness about deeply embedded societal trauma as well as systemic oppression.

It is important for us all to speak out, share our own stories; by facing the raw reality we begin to force the tide of change.

The show opens on the 7th February and will run till the 10th February at the Soweto Theatre.

The age restriction is 16.


Directed, written and produced by Carla Fonseca

Performed by Asia McDonald

Co-written by Phumlani Pikoli

Sound Design by Nthato Mokgata (Spoek Mathambo)

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