Videonomad – exploring the continent through interconnected engagements

A multiplicity of pixels emerges in waves radiating through the digital screen. Virtual information trickles onto foreign shores, extending telegenic space. The wondering travelers congregate together, bound beyond borders to construct reciprocal relationships in an increasingly globalized world.

In 2013, VIDEONOMAD was born. The project stemmed from a desire to create a visible platform for video art, specifically engaging in work from the continent and its diaspora. Director, Tobi Ayedadjou, and Co-ordinator Lucia Nhamo, “love the idea of itinerant screenings around the world because it mimics the global reality and relevance of our transnational interconnectedness.”

Various iterations of the project have been explored around the globe – having been invited to participate in exhibitions and screenings in Tokyo, Pesaro, Salvador and Kalamata. VIDEONOMAD were also at Dak’art OFF during the biennale in Senegal.

kitso-lynn-leliottMy story, no doubt, is me/older than me, 05:57, 2015, Kitso Lynn Leliott, South Africa

The latest manifestation, taking place between the 13th-15th of October will be held in the heart of Harare’s city centre at the Njelele Art Station. “With this iteration we are not only screening in southern Africa for the first time, but we’re also hosting a multi-faceted programme over the course of three days. We saw an incredible opportunity from the Pro Helvetia ANT grant to invite a select group of artists from countries around southern Africa to engage with the arts community in Harare.”

The selection of artists seeks to facilitate the “mobility of a strong group of artists both from different countries in the region, and who are at different stages of their careers.” Part of the process will include a reciprocal exchange, as the group will contribute to and be enriched by the lineup in Harare.

simon-gushLazy Nigel , 11:41, 2014, Simon Gush, South Africa

The artists based in South Africa on show include Bogosi Sekhukhuni, Dineo Seshee Bopape, Kitso Lynn Lelliot, Lerato Shadi, Simon Gush and Tabita Rezaire. The thematic thread linking this exceptional and eclectic group of artists predominantly revolve around notions of power, identity, and a sense of located context. These prominent names often interrogate the multifaceted geo-political fabric of the South African context.

Peppered amongst this cohort are the names of other artists situated conceptually and geographically in southern Africa: Berry Bickle, Cosmo Zengeya, Fransix Tenda, Kombo Chapfika, Lucia Nhamo, Mario Macilau, Masimba Hwati and Nontsikelelo Mutiti.

Through the collective engagement of these individual artists VIDEONOMAD hopes to, “widen the definition of what is possible in the art space context, both conceptually and in terms of video art as a medium.” In establishing and extending dynamic relationships between video art makers from the continent, VIDEONOMAD greatly enriches a globalized art scene. “Communing together in one space as artists from different countries and practices can only serve towards that goal.”

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