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Food first, Flying Fish later | a recipe for success

During the on and off trying times we find ourselves in, we must begin to place emphasis on our wellbeing and on treating our bodies with patience and care. A crucial component of this care is drinking responsibly, a vital message that most brands communicate in uninspiring ways, however, Flying Fish breaks that stereotype. For a brand as innovative as Flying Fish, an equally innovative approach to encouraging responsible drinking is taken with their new #EatWithIt campaign. The campaign rejects the conventions of responsible drinking ads, which frequently leave consumers feeling preached to, in favour of offering them with a new perspective on drinking responsibly. The campaign’s smart approach of centering food first as a way to better enjoy Flying Fish later — results in an ingenious way to encourage responsible drinking, and overall is a recipe for success. This recipe paired with research done by the brand allowed them to develop a world-first collaboration with Uber Eats honing in on the #EatWithIt narrative. 

One can assume a lot goes into becoming a South African favourite; Flying Fish has done this through their well-crafted product and well-curated campaigns. It is fair to assume that the #EatWithIt campaign will prove to be another successful one, echoing the brands care for its consumers. Based on research across various studies the #EatWithIt campaign puts consumer’s best interest at heart (and stomach) through its unique messaging to encourage responsible drinking. According to Tegwyn Hughes’ research at Queen’s University, the science behind eating before drinking is apparent; the fat in food sticks to the stomach lining for a prolonged amount of time while drinking, therefore, delaying the process of alcohol flow into the bloodstream. Slowing the process of alcohol entering into one’s bloodstream helps you stay sober for longer periods of time thus allowing you to enjoy yourself to the fullest. Further studies indicate that it takes around 30 minutes to experience the effects of alcohol but one hour to metabolise one dose of alcohol, implying that you feel the effects of alcohol before it enters your bloodstream. So a hearty meal before drinking can help to battle blood alcohol concentration levels and dehydration, resulting in a better drinking experience and reducing the likelihood of pesky hangovers. 

Speaking to the campaign Flying Fish brand manager Zachary Kingston shared, “This, like many of our campaigns truly make you go: #WhatTheFlyingFish? But you have to #FlowWithIt. After all, you can’t enjoy yourself to the fullest unless you have a full stomach…Now that Flying Fish knows that its people are hungry first and thirsty second, they feel it’s high time this is addressed.” As part of achieving their aim to put food first and Flying Fish later, the brand will launch the Flying Dish Kitchen run by inspirational and established chefs such as Chef Neo. Kingston adds that:

Flying Fish is a brand that prides itself on bringing light-hearted fun to consumers who are over the age of 18+ only. As a brand we brew a beverage of moderation which is to be enjoyed responsibly. We do this by making it easy and fun for consumers to associate smart drinking choices, with food, whilst giving them practical means to eat before they drink, this we believe is a smart behaviour pattern which we continue to affirm. 

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