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“We’re just a platform for kids in the hood”: Others Concept Space

They occupy the same streets and have been immersed in the same culture so the delivery of Kagiso Mohlala, Mbuso ‘Moose’ Zulu and Siyanda Zakwe’s creative baby was strategic; they needed their concept to be different yet familiar.

“We are street culture so this is just another way of expressing, and living. It was not a hard decision.”

Their idea was first imagined as a creative lifestyle brand and in finding a base to “grow and nurture their young pretty baby”, built multipurpose home that cultivates creative pursuits is called Others Concept Space.

Across from Dube station in Soweto, on 254 Mncube Drive, is a public phone container that has been transformed into a store, gallery and work area. Alongside the Others streetwear apparel for sale, there are pieces of furniture designed and made by the trio that decorate the store that is constructed from recyclable materials.

The concept space opened in the 30th of April 2017 and so far they have hosted a couple of events, like an anti-drug campaign with international German live street artist, Fufu Punani and their June 16 “Revolution of the Culture”, which featured a sneaker exhibition amongst other creative entertainment.

The trio plan on establishing their sneaker clinic, which will involve sneaker exchanges and cleaning. They also plan on providing creative business solutions as Others Media and Communications. Lastly,  they will grow their interior and fashion design.

Essentially, Others is interested in providing a platform for all the kids in their community who have never had the opportunity to creatively exhale.

For more of their creative instalments follow Others Concept Space on Instagram.

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