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Agord Lean is An Artist Making Introspective Synthpop

Agord Lean is one of the most slept on artists in Johannesburg. Since dropping his first mixtape “The Ghost and The Machine in 2012 Lean has quietly but consistently released a series of independently produced projects including his debut album “Time Loopers Directory”, the “Space Impact” Ep and his latest offering, another Ep titled “The Flight of The WU”.

The way Lean sees it, his projects so far have been “experiments”, which may be the reason why each track feels so introspective like a moment of truth and self discovery. On tracks like “The Gords Introduction”, “Experience in Falls” and “The Invite (Fire On The Mountain outro)” Lean flexes his talent for combining minimal drums with atmospheric soundscapes and visceral cries.

The emotion Lean transmits through sound is just as powerful in his paintings, prints and videos. Even before he started making music he operated in a space between art and popular culture, between the physical and the spiritual. It is the elusive nature of his practice that is partly the reason why he has, rather than slotting in, had to boldly carve out a space in Johannesburg’s cultural landscape.

Listen to Agord Leans latest EP “The Flight of The WU”





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