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Internet kids with the lyrical fire – Rap duo Champagne69

Champagne69 is a rap duo comprised of two very versatile artists namely, “Willestillios” Nkuna and “Siyangena69” Mdlele. The two multi-talented artists have found yet another way to express themselves and their artistic vision through enthralling and energetic music. Champagne69 only began making and releasing music in 2016, but have been able to gain more traction than others in the thirst-driven environment that upcoming artists find within the Internet music realm. Their first Single ‘Booty Sweat‘ managed to reach a high of 32k streams on Soundcloud. They then made it very clear that they are here to stay when they released their hit single ‘Wrong One‘ featuring producer and songwriter PatrickxxLee. This really put them on the map, with an accompanying video beautifully shot  by Alternative Visuals.

Champagne69 has promised a good year going forward in terms of their music, as well as other artistic projects. They are set to drop more singles featuring more people. They have also dropped hints about an EP, following the intoxicating single ‘Champain (For The Pain)’ and being featured by PatrickxxLee on his track ‘Punk Shit’.

The South African music industry is slowly being forced to pay more attention to the “Internet Kids”, and is beginning to join the wave, because once it crashes it’s definitely going to be something as powerful as a natural disaster. This is definitely the time for new and independent artists to bring the heat that will keep people on their toes by releasing more music, more visual content and finding different ways to engage with their audiences. Champagne69 have set the tone and are definitely one of many to look out for in the near future.

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