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It’s Only a Matter of Time Before Joshua The I AM Becomes a Household Name

Consistency is key to the success of most artists. I don’t mean doing the same thing over and over (although it’s a strategy that works for some) but rather regularly putting out engaging work that builds on what you’ve done before and shows your growth as an artist. Sure, there are one-hit wonders, but unless you really care about 30 Seconds, you’re never going to remember their names. That being said, if Joshua The I AM keeps on the path he’s on, he’s going to be a hard name to forget. 

You might already know his name from when he got to showcase his talents as the runner-up on Vuzu’s second season of their rap reality show The Hustle back in 2017, although his talent was originally nurtured at the Center of Performing Arts before he left to pursue the Nando’s Music Exchange in London in 2016. Since then,  he got signed and left Vth Season and has released a few videos, although it’s his latest release, ‘Before Sunrise’, where his talents really shine. 

‘Before Sunrise’ is an EP released as one song to make sure you hear the whole project in one go and not in disposable chunks as we’ve become used to. The rapper and instrumentalist has always been someone who considers the bigger picture when it comes to his releases and with ‘Before Sunrise’ he gets to explore deeper into his bag of tricks. There’s plenty of clever and cheeky wordplay but he also takes the time to show off his ear for music with a diversity of beats that keep things interesting across the 19 minutes. Boombap, trap, and various forms of electronica all influence the project at various times, making it both unique yet familiar to the ear.

Joshua The I AM has all the hallmarks of an artist who is destined to be a household name, and if he keeps putting out projects like ‘Before Sunrise’, it’s only a matter of time. 

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