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Nigerian R&B Artist Phaemous and UK Producer DJames Release ‘Boundaries’

On a meteoric ascent, the flourishing Nigerian R&B artist, Phaemous, in collaboration with the internationally lauded UK DJ and producer, DJames, have curated a sonic journey with their recent EP, Boundaries. Crafted across two continents, with the bustling cityscapes of Lagos and London as their backdrop, the 5-track EP elegantly bridges R&B melodies with subtle Afrobeat, resulting in a rich, immersive soundscape.


Phaemous, known for his soulful delivery and DJames, a master in creating tantalising beats, explore a myriad of emotions circling love and relationships throughout the project. They subtly unpack first-date anxiety, the crushing weight of unmet expectations, the bitter-sweet taste of ghosting, and the continual quest for the perfect expression of affection and sentiment.

MIA, the EP’s opening track, serves as an audacious initiation into Phaemous and DJames’s world, showcasing Phaemous’ vocal prowess as he laments over a love interest’s sudden absence. DJames’ melodic saxophone arrangements add a layer of intrigue, eliciting an irresistible urge to nod along.

The duo then venture into philosophical territory with What Is Love?, a track spiked with infectious drum patterns that pose introspective questions about our pursuit of love versus material wealth. The seductive First Time showcases an intoxicating mix of jazzy keyboard notes and suggestive lyrics, and the project concludes with the dreamy Dreaming, a sensual blend of DJames’ saxophone and live keyboard elements.


Reflecting on the inspiration behind Boundaries, Phaemous shared that the duo’s shared passion for R&B and Afrobeat was the project’s guiding light, allowing them to blend the two genres and deliver a “satisfying listening experience”. Phaemous’ versatility is on full display in this EP, a fact corroborated by DJames, who expressed his thrill in working with such burgeoning talent.

With his breakout year in 2023, Phaemous is swiftly becoming one of Nigeria‘s hottest R&B exports, already boasting over two million streams. Equally impressive is DJames’s trajectory, a revered figure in the international music scene, known for his collaborations with Drake and The Weeknd. With a viral online presence and a slew of international shows, including his debut London concert in August, DJames is carving out a distinct niche in the global soundscape. Phaemous is also working on his sophomore solo EP Phæway Vol. 2, set to drop later this year, hinting at more tantalising tracks to come.

Available now via EMPIRE, the collaborative Boundaries EP is a testament to Phaemous and DJames’s shared vision and their unique ability to blend musical influences to create something truly exceptional. In the end, Boundaries is more than just a meeting point for two artists—it’s a melting pot of musical genres, cultural backgrounds, and shared passions, offering listeners an expansive view into their world.

Listen to the EP in full here.



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