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Mr. Allofit is trusting his journey

“You know when you’ve always had a halo? You’re not meant to be in a group or a big crowd. Where you’re just destined to become a superstar. I can’t be making other people’s shows great when I’ve got so much potential to just do it for myself,” explains Mr. Allofit confidently when asked what encouraged his move to become a solo artist. A founding member of the dance crew VINTAGE, Mr. Allofit made the move into music alongside VINTAGE crew member Lee-ché, releasing the track ‘Shabang’ in 2015. “We were like let’s just try this out. Vintage Crew has such a following it would be an easy way for us to break into it.”

Mr. Allofit’s latest offering, ‘5 to Mainstream‘, comes across as a more conceptually cohesive EP when compared to his debut release ‘Losing Sunglasses’. “My first EP that I did in 2016 was very experimental and it was all over the place.” The new EP, as the title suggests, is focused on his journey towards making an industry breakthrough. “‘5 to Mainstream’ is just this transition for me into a musician. I really wanted to write something that was factual, that was meaningful, something that people can relate to. Something that I can [go back and listen] to and feel motivated because it’s such a hard situation being an independent artist.”

This journey towards an industry breakthrough is also a journey to unleash his true self. “For me it’s about delivering the true Mr. Allofit and sharing that with the world. I’m always pushing the motto that people need to believe in themselves 100% in every situation. That’s when you’ll do the best, because you’re fully doing it as yourself. Trust your journey and be yourself.”

Mr. Allofit will continue to trust in his journey in 2018, aiming to add visual elements to ‘5 to Mainstream’ as well as playing at more festivals and getting a track from the EP on the radio. “I just really wanna trust my journey more than ever before. Whatever God has planned for me I really just want to go with it. That’s just my vibe for this year. Whatever is coming, needs to come. But I’ll stay killing it.”

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