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Share in TSA’s experience of Joburg

Johannesburg-based rapper and songwriter TSA returns with his second studio EP, ‘The Jungle’, which sees him reflecting on his experiences in the city as a student, artist and entrepreneur. The EP builds on his previous offering, 2016’s ‘The Zone’, which centred around him being homebound and not interacting socially.

A reserved character, TSA is short for The Silent Assassin, a nickname that was given to him by his high school basketball coach and which describes his personality type. His first introduction to music was his grandfather’s extensive jazz collection, into which he would immerse himself when visiting, and which inspired his love for music. Receiving a copy of ‘The Eminem Show’ from his mother at age 11 cemented his adoration of hip hop and the possibility for self-expression that it brings.

Written in 2018, the EP itself details his experiences starting in 2012 when he was studying IT and decided to take music more seriously. This journey, undertaken with his brother who is also his business partner, led to them founding Nobody Else, to help support his music and ever since then the company has helped shape TSA as an artist as well as manage him into an artist with a sustainable career.

Working with his long-time producer Itsjustbasic, TSA was looking for dark, synthy beats to accompany his lyrics and set the mood for the EP. Featuring collaborations with Spoek Mathambo, Sipho the Gift, Maglera Doe Boy, NayPalmNeo, GUGU and ByLwansta, he connected with some, such as Spoek and Maglera via social media and others such as NayPalmNeo and ByLwansta through his network.

With the lead-single “Jungle” setting the scene for the EP and detailing the concept, TSA is looking to release a video for the single soon. Having officially launched the EP on the 12 of April he is looking to have an official launch party.

Currently working on the third EP to complete the series, to be released in the second half of 2019, TSA is hoping his music opens conversations. He wants his music to be introspective and give people a chance to look within, finding ways to improve oneself and the lives of those around you.

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