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Suid Tronica’s Paradise of Sound

The vibrancy that echoes through the spacey yet thumping selections that stretch the sonic palate of the mind. These grooves find South Africa being as electronic as possible with dimensions that escape to neon lit nightlife, tropical serenity or just your own comfort zone that allows you to indulge and dig deeper with no obligation. These are the sounds of Suid Tronica.

Their sound manages to articulate South Africa’s rich diversity of people within the format of electronic music, automatically elevating the sheer quality of the records Suid Tronica puts out. Their mission puts forward the need to cultivate new ways of synergy that combine songwriting and storytelling through the eclectic sounds of electronica.

Their productions ignite collaborations to create new sounds that people can digest yet at the same time call their own as South African. Their latest compilation is an invitation to… “panoramic vistas,

sweeping landscapes and a home for the more unusual and ethereal.” With esoteric Afrikaans songs like “Water slang” by Alex van Heerden to poetic Zulu cries on Behr’s “Uzobuya” which features Photledi and Chris. “Each [artist] having their own signature sound with special an attention to narrative and an innate understanding of harmony, human emotion and tonal quality,” promises to provide an ethereal experience.

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