‘Beautiful Boy’ – an editorial inspired by the perfect moment not the perfect look

German photographers Timmi Taubenschreck and Detlef Honigstein have been working in the fashion industry in various capacities for the past 12 years. The two of them decided to team up together and form the duo Honig Schreck when they discovered their mutual love for analog photography, and took note of the fact that a number of brands were interested in their specific aesthetic for backstage photography and campaigns. “We started analog photography with passion for the perfect imperfect look and the time-saving method of photography without retouching. Our photography is real and handmade with new and old 35mm films, old cameras and experimental double exposures, always capturing the perfect moment, not the perfect look,” Timmi explains.

Earlier this year the duo spent time in Cape Town to escape the Berlin winter. The idea of being in the sun and meeting new faces inspired them to conceptualise an editorial based in the city. “The results are a combination of all our wishes, ideas and visions. We wanted to reflect the personality of each model,” Timmi explains As part of this they created a unique concept for the styling, makeup and general look for each model. An important element of this shoot, as with all their work, was to make the models and their stories the centre of the editorial. For Honig Schreck the perfect editorial comes from having a wide knowledge of their cameras, as well as capturing “the perfect moment, not the perfect look.” Their work is fashion photography that does not solely focus on highlighting the fashion.

The editorial focuses on the fact that every model that they worked with is beautiful in their own way, hence the name ‘Beautiful Boy’. “They’re all very different. Different personalities. Maybe they’re not the type of model you’ll find in a fashion magazine. But that’s not important for us,” Timmi explains, “Cape Town was the chance to tried new films and new concepts. The chance to work with wonderful models, and the agencies meeting us with full confidence. This way to form a unity and to create an exchange of ideas was amazing.”



Chad-lee van Wyk from 20 Model Management

Sanele Junior Xaba from BOSS Models 

Alex Kirimi from D&A Management

Photographers: Detlef Honigstein & Timmi Taubenschreck represented by Double Studio Berlin

Hair and Make-up: Annika Jeck &  Jane Jacobi


Chad-lee: Flower Top – model’s own, white coat from Amanda Laird Cherry Apparel

Alex: Tropical Shirt from BARRE NOIRE

Sanele: White T-Shirt from Calvin Klein





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